Tutti Candy 


(Pack of 4 seeds) When the famous Munchies meet our delicious Orange nectar, the result is an avalanche of sweet and sour tropical sweets.

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Tutti Candy 🍬🍭 – A tropical cocktail of flavors and aromas in your garden 🌱

Discover Tutti Candy, the intoxicating hybrid that awakens the senses 🌈

Tutti Candy is the result of a perfect fusion between Munchies and Orange Nectar. This cannabis strain is sure to seduce you with its array of sweet, tropical flavours and aromas. Dive into the world of Tutti Candy and understand why it’s conquering gardens the world over.

Refined genetics: The perfect alliance between Munchies and Orange Nectar 🧬

Lineage: Munchies x Orange Nectar

Indica/Sativa ratio: 70/30

THC content: 22%.

Tutti Candy is the result of the combination of Munchies, a robust, powerful variety, and our irresistible Orange Nectar. This variety stands out for its vigor, medium to large size and rapid flowering.

Flowering and yield: A good yield of flowers 🌼

Flowering time: 8 weeks

Internal yield:400/500g

External yield: 500g to 1kg

Tutti Candy plants are medium to large in size, with splendid orange flowers and a thick layer of silvery resin. Yields are optimized thanks to Munchies’ vitality.

Aroma profile: An avalanche of tropical flavors 🍊🍋

Main notes: Candied lemon, Tropical fruit

Nuances: Sweet and tangy

Tutti Candy’s aromatic profile is extremely rich, with main notes of candied lemon and tropical fruit, complemented by sweet and tart nuances.

Effects: A gentle sensory escape 😌💤

Immerse yourself in a pleasant sensation of well-being with Tutti Candy. Its effect is amplified by the quality of Munchies. Don’t miss this unique experience of pleasure and relaxation.

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