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Welcome to ZmoothieZ

Welcome to ZmoothieZ! The site dedicated to collectible cannabis seeds of exceptional quality and delicious aroma. ZmoothieZ is the culmination of more than 30 years of travel, passion and encounters, in search of the best cannabis strains from the four corners of the globe. ZmoothieZ is much more than a boutique; it’s a concept where the world of cannabis inspires us, taking us on new adventures and discoveries every time. Join us and discover our extraordinary collection that will transport you into our world of growers and breeders.

We won 3 prizes at the Homegrowncup!

🥇 Categorie Iceolator with Papaya Power 2.0
🥇Categorie Fleur with Limepaya: Papaya Power 2.0 cup winner cut × Orange Nectar
🥉Categorie Rosin: Papaya Power 2.0

Prix Homegrowncup

Our range of fragrances

We select only the best seeds to guarantee the highest quality. We offer an exceptional variety of flavors to awaken all your senses.

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Discover our products

Our catalog is a true celebration of the diversity of cannabis. Every product we offer is the fruit of decades of hard work, passion and dedication. 

We’ve spent many years scouring the world to collect and select the best elite clones and the rarest and most exceptional genetics.

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Our genetics are not just seeds, they reflect our passion and love for this wonderful plant. They have been tested in a variety of conditions, on many continents, indoors and outdoors, to ensure their robustness and ability to adapt to a wide range of climatic conditions and resist numerous stresses.
Our aim is to give you access to the very best cannabis strains and enable you to discover a world of delicate, fragrant flavours.

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Worldwide delivery

All our cannabis seeds are tested over several complete cycles before being marketed.

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Our cannabis seeds are tested indoors and outdoors on several continents and in different climatic conditions before being marketed.

All our cannabis seeds are original Zmoothiez creations, the fruit of our selections, passion and hard work. We only sell cannabis seeds that we produce ourselves.

All our products are tested and contain less than 0.2% THC.

Why is ZmoothieZ your best choice ?

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Unrivalled quality

At ZmoothieZ, quality isn’t just a promise, it’s a philosophy. We constantly strive to provide the highest quality cannabis genetics, honoring our passion and staying true to our decades-long commitment to rigorous research and testing.

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A solid heritage

Our experience of over 30 years in the history of cannabis cultivation is our greatest strength. It’s a testament to our passion for cannabis and our desire to share that passion with you. Our expertise is your guarantee of finding unique products of exceptional quality.

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A team at your service

We’re more than a supplier, we’re your partner in your journey with cannabis. Our dedicated team is always there for you, ready to answer all your questions, help you with your choices and offer you a unique and personalized buying experience.

All our products are tested and contain less than 0.2% THC.

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Its content is intended exclusively for adults.

Seeds are strictly reserved for souvenirs and novelties.
Germination of hemp seeds is strictly limited to countries, states or provinces where it is legal to do so.
Zmoothiez Genetics accepts no responsibility for any use that does not comply with local and national laws.