Sugar tree


(Pack of 4 seeds) When Locomotion meets Orange nectar, the result is spectacular.

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Buy two packs and get a third free!

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Sugar Tree by Zmoothiez 🍊🔥 – The Perfect Alchemy of Strength and Finesse

The Nectar of Well-Being: A Genetic Advance

Sugar Tree is an indica-dominant sensation that bewitches and fascinates. Designed by the craftsmen of Zmoothiez, this variety is your sesame to deep relaxation.

A surprising crossbreed: Superior yield and quality 🌟

Origins: Locomotion x Orange Nectar

Sativa/Indica Ratio: 30/70

Sugar Tree embodies the masterful fusion of Locomotion and Orange Nectar. A prestigious member of the Candy’z collection, it stands out for its generous yield and prodigious resin production.

Cultural Flexibility: The Choice is Yours 🌱

Flowering period: 55-65 days

Availability: Feminized versions only

Whether you’re an indoor, outdoor or greenhouse grower, Sugar Tree adapts to any environment. A variety that demands nothing less than an impressive track record: 400-500g indoors.

Aesthetic Visuals: Shimmering Colors 🎨

Size: Medium to large

Flowers: Dense and resinous, decorated with delicious trichomes

Sugar Tree’s visual appeal is evident in its densely packed flowers, enhanced by a sea of fascinating trichomes.

An Enchanting Bouquet: A delicious fragrance 🍊

Terpenes: A refined blend of spices, gas and orange

Let yourself be transported by a luxurious terpene profile, where spicy nuances mingle with suave notes of orange and gas.

Yield: A production monster 🔥

Internal yield: 600/800g

Outside yield: 800g-1.5kg

Effects: A powerful, relaxing effect 🌌

THC content: 26

Effects: An enchanting, deeply relaxing and intensely stoned high

Immerse yourself in a transcendental experience with Sugar Tree. The high THC content ensures a high that awakens the senses while providing deep, long-lasting relaxation.


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