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Jellyciouz – An Unforgettable Fusion of Flavors

Magical Encounter: Zoap from Deep East × Wizard Trees and Our Orange Nectar

When the hype of Zoap from Deep East × Wizard Trees meets our exquisite Orange Nectar, the result is Jellyciouz, an explosive union. The outcome? A sensory delight that surprises your taste buds and olfactory senses with a fragrance and flavor of tangy candies, reminiscent of the famous pink grapefruit Skittles, yet with a significantly less chemical aroma.

Exceptional Terpene Profile 🍇🍊

Characteristics: Sweet fruity, gassy

Affectionately nicknamed la Vie en Rose, Jellyciouz is chosen for its unique terpene profile: a rich and complex blend of sweet fruity and gassy flavors, promising a rich and layered taste experience.

Enchanting Visual Beauty 🌺

Structure: Medium to large size, plump buds, extraordinary yield

Jellyciouz plants, ranging from medium to large in size, produce plump buds, ensuring an extraordinary yield. Cultivation tip: don’t hesitate to top it off to cultivate a lush bush. The foliage displays spectacular shades from pink-purple to blood-red, while the silky, orange pistils add to its visual allure.

Powerful and Enveloping High 🌟

Effects: Potent high, pleasant bodily relaxation, deep relaxation

Jellyciouz will astonish you with the potency of its high, offering such a pleasant bodily relaxation that you may find yourself repeating the experience, comfortably asleep on your couch.

Jellyciouz is more than a product; it’s a complete sensory journey, promising a voyage through a world of flavors, colors, and sensations. Get ready to be dazzled!


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