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Discover our most fruityfull strain.
Orange Nectar is a cross between clone elite Orange Cream Sicle (Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit) and our favorite male Black Hindu Kush.

Discover it now

27510 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Indica : 30%
  • Sativa : 70%
  • Thc : 18-20%
  • Flowering time : 55 days
  • Effects : Euphoric / Uplifting
  • Out of stock

6 Seeds
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04 18 2021

Soklak makes a graffiti for Zmoothiez. Thanks to him!

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Soklak, a graffiti artist friend of us, made a graffiti for Zmoothiez. It's beautiful and trippy.
01 14 2021

Zmoothiez launches Miss Orange Nectar.

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Discover the feminized seed of our most fruityfull strain. We select a special pheno which we have referred to as Orange Absolute. The terps are unreal, 100% freshly squeezed orange juice!!!
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Zmoothiez Opening Now!

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We are proud and very happy to launch our website ZmoothieZ where you can find all our cannabis genetics based on 25 years of work, studies, research, failures, successes and above all love.

Adult access only

This website offers information about cannabis and its seeds.
Its content is only intended for an adult audience.


Seeds are strictly for souvenirs and novelty purposes only.
Germination of hemp seeds is strictly limited to countries, states or provinces in which it is legal to do so.
Zmoothiez Genetics accepts no responsibility or liability for any use that does not comply with local and state law.

Got it !

All of our cannabis seeds are tested over several complete cycles before release (from seed to flowering, to harvest, to seed again).

Our cannabis seeds are tested indoors and outdoors on several continents and in several climatic conditions before being put on the market.

All our cannabis seeds are original Zmoothiez creations, fruit of our passion. We do not resell cannabis seeds that we do not know perfectly and that we did not grow with love.

All our products are tested and contain less than 0.2% THC.