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A beautiful meeting between Hash lover

Our common lover for the plant and the resin immediately connected us, we could taste and appreciate our respective works and exchange on the different techniques and tricks to make the best hash.

At the end of this meeting, we kept in touch via Instagram where you can follow and admire his work. This allowed us for the Emerald Cup 2018 to meet him again and to visit his installation based in the heart of the mythical circle of cannabis growers where the grass has been flowering for several generations.

Discovery of the best cannabis resins

It was a very rewarding experience, we had the immense pleasure of exploring his incredible cellar in Hash filled with hundreds of his best vintages of resin, with the most fantastic and varied colours and textures and intoxicating aromas of flowers, fruits and spices. He had reserved for us his special vintage, one of his best achievements of the year, the HolyNanaCrack, a variety of one of the famous breeders and growers of this region Jesse de Biovortex, of the famous Black Dog Kush.

Gigantic iceolator machines

We were also able to attend a working day at his company where we discovered his techniques for extracting resin without solvents, simply with water and ice, but above all with a lot of know-how. The art of making BubbleHash in industrial quantities. He uses washing machines model XXL that he has slightly modified for greater efficiency and better performance.

The production technique of iceolator

Modified washing machines are filled with water, ice and fine mesh sieves (allowing the famous trichomes to pass through), containing the resinous plant matter of flowers or leaves.

The washing cycle lasts between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the variety and type of plant material used. It filters the water from the machines loaded with the coveted precious trichomes using different meshes to remove impurities and contaminants and to harvest the purest of resins.

Industrial production of organic iceolator

This year back in California the Zmoothiez team has once again ventured into the Murder Mountains! (like the Netflix series) and meet Barron at his new address.

His new laboratory is now located in an industrial complex regrouping several extraction companies of all kinds. These premises, with their adequate ergonomics and layout, allow him to work in optimal conditions and have given him the opportunity to move from the artisanal stage to a more industrial level. Its new equipment offers greater ease of use and the possibility of working in larger volumes. For drying, it is equipped with several cold dehydrators, which allows it to dry faster, more efficiently, homogeneously and precisely.

An organic and local hash, Zmoothiez joins in!

Constantly striving to improve the quality of its products, it works in direct partnership with local regenerative farms that cultivate in an ecological way without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Its collaboration with Sunshine from Sunboldtgrown is a good illustration of its attachment to the terroir because it cultivates without water or fertilizers. He also advises them on resin-rich varieties with yields of up to 30%.

Thanks to Barron for his hospitality and kindness and for introducing us to the heart of the regeneration scene where we were able to meet some very inspiring and militant people who have the same lover as us for this plant!

Zmoothiez creates weeds made for hash production

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All of our cannabis seeds are tested over several complete cycles before release (from seed to flowering, to harvest, to seed again).

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