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Weed grown in harmony with the environment

Her Sunboldtgrown Regenerative Farm is based on the principles of self-sufficient cultivation that respects the biodiversity of a naturally rich ecosystem in order to obtain the best expression of its genetics. The plants simply grow without any addition of fertilizers or pesticides and using water only during the transplanting phases. Morning dew and rainfall are sufficient for the plants to develop harmoniously.

Less fertilizer but a very aromatic weed

The structure of the plants is much smaller but the resin, aromas and terpenes are more intense and multiplied. She has been selecting and working for a few years now on a particularly fruity and sweet variety, the famous Loopy Fruit, which we had already had the chance to taste last year. The high of this creation is particularly euphoric and pleasant. A one-year curing added a very caramelized character to it. She takes particular care in the maturation of her plants and chooses to harvest them at the ideal time, even if it means losing part of the crop due to mould caused by the autumn rains. The flowers are harvested delicately and cured slowly over a very long period of time.

Some of the best cannabis flowers we have tasted.

The result is more than satisfactory, its flowers were among the best we could taste during our trip. The work of this uniquely animated woman, her passion for this plant and the magic of this millennial forest inspired us deeply. Icing on the cake, knowing our love for hash and our work of crossings and selections, she did us the immense honor of offering us exclusively seeds of her latest creation, a cross between Purple Nepal and Rebel Moon aka Norcal . The Zmoothiez collection is growing. Flavours of vanilla, creamy ice cream and sweet fruity candies to be found in our next creations!

Ocean Grown Weed

Then we met in Trinidad, Jesse from Biovortex, one of the best breeders and growers in this region of Northern California as inspiring as the sequoia forest we had just left, with its magical beach, the power of the ocean and its majestic bay.

Every shade of weed color

Its delicate crossbreeding of different genetics produces beautiful flowers with multicoloured colours and shades ranging from lemon green to the darkest purple to electric pink. The scents and flavours are as complex as they are delicious. True hashish plants. Co-founder of the “regenerative farming” movement, he actively participates in disseminating and informing about natural and ecological cultivation methods and campaigns for the cultivation of cannabis. He transmits his knowledge through various media, social networks, and animates conferences, including during the Emerald Cup. He also participated in the writing of the new book of Mama Editions Bio Grow Book and the comic book Jardiner Bio.

What is regenerative cannabis cultivation?

We asked him what the concept of regenerative cannabis cultivation meant to him: Regenerative cannabis cultivation is about working in harmony with nature, building its soils, developing biodiversity and giving back to the land what it has given us. This concept of permaculture brings together the cannabis community, which shares the same philosophy; exchanging seeds, selecting the best genetics according to adaptability to the climate, preserving genetic diversity and discovering new medicinal properties. The sharing of genetics allows a better preservation, the selection work offers plants a better adaptation to their environment and to be more resistant.

Sharing cannabis genetics

His work on the Cherry Lime Dog is a great example of sharing. A few years ago, Jackson aka Meangene, a famous breeder from the Mendocino, California area, shared one of his varieties throughout the community: the Hgas Cherry Lime Pop. After a large selection made by different farms, they were able to isolate phenotypes with a taste of fermented cherries and a very euphoric effect. The following year, Jesse crossed him with a 5th generation Black Dog Kush male. The result was particularly incredible, with very complex but delicious new aromas and explosive effects.

Every year the work evolves with new crosses and retro crosses offering endless possibilities. It is always with pleasure and passion that Jesse visits and joyfully discovers all his varieties with their magnificent colours and bewitching aromas.

The Zmoothiez team thanks Jesse from Biovortex for his kindness, his sense of sharing and for giving us the chance to cultivate his wonderful genetics.

All Zmoothiez weeds are fully biodynamic bred!

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