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Soklak, graffiti artist.

He made a graffiti for Zmoothiez. It uses our official colors and presents a beautiful and trippy destructured calligraphy. Thank you so much Soklak!!

A Graffiti made for Zmoothiez by Soklak
Soklak for Zmoothiez, 2020

Who is Soklak Elgato? Bio:

Born in Paris in 1977, Soklak Elgato lives and works in Montreuil.
When he was 8 years old, he experienced his first pictorial shock in the Paris subway when he discovered the halls and wagon-cars covered with graffiti.
A few years later, in 1995, he left his first tags and quickly developed a passion for aerosol paint. He’s involved in many crews, paints in numerous waste grounds and leaves his signature wherever he likes.
In the course of 2002, he tries his hand on other supports trying to retranscribe on canvas what many years of graffiti experience had taught him; a sort of summary. This initiative aims to give a broader field of possibilities to his experiments: the use of new tools, materials and techniques giving another dimension to his work. Used to paint walls in a few hours, he can now spend more time on making pieces which are not short-lived.

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