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Indica, sativa or hybrid seed?

We advise our consumers of marijuana in search of relaxing effect to turn to a variety of cannabis indica or hybrid seeds possessing a strong proportion of indica. In general, these seeds have high levels of CBD and THC, they will be the most recommended for the consumers in search of relaxation. Seed strains rich in CBD are known to provide a relaxing and soothing effect on the body, which can be very useful to treat many things such as general anxiety, body aches and pains, relax muscles, relieve migraines, reduce stress and sleep disorders.

On the other hand, sativa cannabis strains will not provide the desired relaxing effect. The rate of CBD is often lower, the high levels of THC and the terpenes specific to these varieties are responsible for big feelings of “high”, that is to say a strong mental excitement which expresses itself by crazy laughter, creativity and a desire to communicate. As regards the hybrid cannabis seed, as its name indicates it, it gives birth to a plant which is a hybrid combination of the two main cannabis varieties: indica and sativa (more rarely ruderalis). The culture of the hybrid seeds became very popular because it joins together the characteristics of the two species of seeds in a number of combinations of variety of marijuana infinite. In addition to allowing to diversify the experiences of the consumers, the hybrid seeds are very attractive for the growers and can also be feminized. Indica seed varieties tend to have a shorter flowering period and higher yields. The seeds of plants sativa need more weeks of bloom and require more space to develop, bringing consequently a lower output. Nevertheless these seeds are resistant to mould and heat, making them a more viable crop. The high number of classes of terpenes available by joining together the varieties indica and sativa, allows the breeders to compose new genetics with scents, tastes and effects always unique.

Find the perfect cannabis strain

Building your relationship with cannabis seeds is a game of trial and error over time. You have to tame the plant. To buy seeds, it is important to determine exactly what you expect from cannabis consumption: to be relaxed, to sleep, to smoke during the day or in the evening… By answering these questions you will already have more information about each seed in order to know which variety of seeds you should turn to, and especially to know the CBD/THC balance that will be adapted to your needs. Then, things are done more empirically, that is to say that you have to test the seeds! But when you find a variety of seeds that you like, dig into the genetics of this variety to understand what type of seeds suits you best, and little by little you will be able to move towards the perfect seed quality for you.

ZmoothieZ Genetics launches its shop. After more than 25 years of lover, work, travels, research…we are proud and very happy to launch our ZmoothieZ website. We finally share the fruit of our years of experience and travels which allowed us to collect and cultivate seeds with the best genetic heritages found all over the world. In our seed shop you will find our best selection of feminized or regular cannabis seeds which have been tested under various weather conditions, outdoor and indoor. Each seed that we propose has been carefully selected to guarantee you a high level product, because a good genetic heritage is the basis of a good harvest. We sell our seeds by pack of 10 seeds.

8010 seeds
  • Black Hindu Kush
    x Black Hindu Kush
  • Regular Seeds
  • Indica 80%
  • Sativa 20%
  • Thc : 20-22%
  • Flowering time 55 days
  • Out of stock
15010 seeds
  • Sunset Sherbert x Black Hindu Kush
  • Regular Seeds
  • Indica 80%
  • Sativa 20%
  • Thc : 22-24%
  • Flowering time 55 days
  • Out of stock
18210 seeds
  • Strawberry Banana x Black Hindu Kush
  • Regular Seeds
  • Indica 70% / 80%
  • Sativa 20% / 30%
  • Thc : 20-22%
  • Flowering time 55 days
  • Out of stock

The best ZmoothieZ cannabis strains rich in CBD

Zmoothiez Zignature

With a genetics of the seeds of Black Hindu Kush, the ZmoothieZ Signature is a heavy indica whose effects lean towards the relaxing side of the OG Kush that we know so well. In addition to being a perfect recreational weed for the relaxation, the Zmoothiez Zignature brings a tranquilizing physical effect which will be ideal to relieve the muscular tensions and the stress. The high effect is almost instantaneous and will plunge you into the arms of Morpheus thanks to its sedative effect. The smell and the taste are a complex combination where one perceives rich resinous flavours with touches of lemon and spices.

Tropical nectar

These seeds are the result of the crossing between Sunset Sherbert and Black Hindu Kush. Tropical nectar is a cannabis that will bring you a relaxing punch to end your day in beauty. The single savour of Tropical nectar and its fruity aroma are a true delight for the papillae. The resinous flowers which this seed offers us, will satisfy the amateurs of sweet and exotic flavours. Moreover, these plants rich in CBD will have tranquilizing physical effects that will be long lasting, while not being too invasive on the brain side. This variety of hybrid marijuana seeds with dominant indica is the guarantee of a deep relaxation in just some puffs.

Strawberry Nectar

The single strawberry flavour of Strawberry Nectar and its fruity aroma with wish will delight the consumers of cannabis greedy of sweetened savours. Plus, it tastes as good as it looks with an old school shape and large buds that will delight growers. Strawberry Nectar is a weed to feel good. It offers the balanced combination of hybrid seeds with a powerful high combined with an optimal relaxing effect. Stress and bad vibrations will disappear once the lungs are full of Strawberry Nectar.

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