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755 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 30%
  • Indica 70%
  • Thc : 20-22%
  • In stock
755 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 20%
  • Indica 80%
  • Thc : 20-22%
  • In stock
25010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 70%
  • Indica 30%
  • Thc : 18-20%
  • In stock
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15010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 20%
  • Indica 80%
  • Thc : 22-24%
  • In stock
15010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 20%
  • Indica 80%
  • Thc : 22-24%
  • In stock
15010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 20% / 30%
  • Indica 70% / 80%
  • Thc : 20-22%
  • Out of stock

What are regular Cannabis seeds?

Cannabis regular seeds are the result of a cross between a male and female Cannabis plant. Thanks to this natural genetic origin, these seeds can in turn produce male and female plants.
It is a type of cannabis seeds where it is not possible to know before flowering if the plant will be male or female.
Two weeks after flowering, observe the Cannabis plant. Male plants produce oval pods. The females as for them have calyxes in the shape of tear.
Within a culture of regular Cannabis seeds, one can suppose that half of the plantation will become of female Cannabis plants. It is an essential element to know to make germinate additional seeds while knowing that the male plants will be removed at the time of flowering.

Macro detail of marijuana seeds and leaf over dark background – cannabis growing concept
sprout hemp cannabis plant

Why choose regular cannabis seeds ?

Take these different factors into account when choosing regular or feminized seeds. Indeed, the growth, the time, the level of experience or the space are not the same for the regular seeds and the feminized seeds.

If you wish to create your own hybrids or to keep a strain on several sessions of culture of plan of cannabis, regular seeds are essential to have male weed plants and female plants.

Concerning the cloning, you have to take cuttings from the female cannabis plants. Thanks to this approach, they will become perfect genetic copies of the mother plant, in other words clones of cannabis varieties. Indeed, with regular seeds, increase your chances to obtain healthy clones for a longer period. It is more difficult to produce healthy clones from a female Cannabis plant resulting from a feminized seed.

Advantages of regular Cannabis seeds

The use of regular Cannabis seeds has many advantages:
– Create new varieties
– Have stronger and more vigorous plants
– Regular Cannabis seeds are more resistant to temperature and stress.
– The strength of the clones
– It is one of the varieties of Cannabis whose cloning is healthy.
– Reproduction is facilitated
– Possibility to grow them indoors and outdoors.

Faced with these different points, reflect on your objectives and your approach.
Feminized Cannabis seeds have a particular use.

Germinated cannabis seed. Hovering Hemp. Sale of cannabis seeds. Macro photo cultivation seeds. Details Root on a white background. Marijuana seeds. Many sprouting cannabis seeds. close-up macro.
Close up of hemp seeds arranged in a straight line isolated on white background

All the benefits of Cannabis: why be interested in regular Cannabis seeds?

Cannabis has benefits on the body of consumers. Sometimes unknown, there are virtues not to neglect for the well-being:
– Prevent epileptic seizures
– Stimulate the appetite
– Fighting the side effects of chemotherapy
– Gaining strength during depression
– Reduce chronic pain
– Release the pressure
– Erase some of the consequences of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis
– Improve sleep and avoid nightmares
– Avoid taking opiates

Moreover, it is a natural and versatile approach. Against inflammation and pain, Cannabis seeds have the power to improve your daily life.

Seeds bank nearby: access Cannabis seeds quickly

There is a large variety of regular Cannabis seeds. According to your wish list, choose: sativa, skunk, indica, regular, sensi, Peanutz, Tropical Nectar.

Select the products according to your desires, your goals and your expectations. The tastes and aromas are different depending on the regular Cannabis seeds chosen.

Being aware of the importance of the choice and the varieties of Cannabis, our online store ZmoothieZ offers you the best regular Cannabis seeds of collection. Enjoy the benefits and quality of our products quickly and easily.
If need be, do not hesitate to contact our team if you wish to have advice for your choice of regular seeds.

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Seeds are strictly for souvenirs and novelty purposes only.
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