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What does it mean to cultivate Cannabis sustainably?

The culture of Cannabis is not synonymous with environmental destruction. Indeed, one speaks about culture of the sustainable Cannabis when the culture of this plant is done in the respect of the environment. It concerns as well the amateur growers as the professional growers. To cultivate Cannabis while adopting sustainable practices, here are the councils to be followed.

How to cultivate Cannabis while adopting sustainable practices?

Large consumption of water and energy, production of large amounts of waste… Growing Cannabis can be harmful to the environment. Especially for a large-scale production of this plant.On the other hand, it is possible to adopt sustainable practices to grow Cannabis in order to reduce its impact on the environment.

Saving and recycling water

It is undeniable that the cultivation of Cannabis uses a lot of water. An article in the journal BioScience published in 2015 demonstrated this. A single plant cultivated in California had a consumption of 22 liters of water per day. This is really huge. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to reduce and save the amount of water used to grow Cannabis. This is essential if you want to have a sustainable approach. There are several steps you can take to achieve this.
One technique would be to be able to collect rainwater for your plantation if it is indoors. Also, to facilitate water retention, a very simple trick is to mix perlite and vermiculite in your soil. Also, to reduce your water consumption, switching to aeroponics or hydroponics is an excellent idea. You also have the possibility to re-use the water that flows out of the plants.

Optimizing air circulation

This solution has proven its energy efficiency in the cultivation of Cannabis. Optimized air circulation offers multiple advantages to the plants: Reduction of heat, regulation of temperatures and humidity fluctuations, prevent the presence of insects and moulds in your growing space .
To put this measure to work in an area of small crops, it’s very simple. The use of a clamp fan allows a gentle circulation of air around the plants.
In a large growing space, you will need to equip yourself with powerful fans, mounted on the wall or on a stand.

To privilege substitutes bios with the pesticides to treat your plants of cannabis

To cultivate green of the Cannabis, it is advised above all to prepare the ground. For this, you need organic starter soil and natural ingredients such as guano, fish bone meal, worm turricles, perlite…
The choice of organic products for the treatment of your cannabis plants against insects, parasites such as mites (red spiders) is also recommended for a sustainable cultivation of cannabis and to preserve your health.
Indeed, remember that you are in contact then consume the products spread on your plants.
Within the framework of an entirely organic culture, the rinsing at the end of bloom for example is not always necessary, and for good reason, no bad oil derivatives stored in your delicious weed plants.

To feed your cannabis plans, you can make your compost tea with liquid kelp, molasses, fish hydrolylast and homemade compost or lombri-compost in store if you don’t have compost at home.
Use neem oil to control insects, mites and others by spraying at a rate of 1% to 2% per liter of water. It is a very effective treatment.

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