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Interested in feminized Cannabis seed?

If you are a grower, feminized Cannabis seed is an excellent choice. They are ideal to make grow quickly and make bloom your plants of Cannabis.

Why the feminized Cannabis seed is a strategic choice?

The male plants must be removed early during flowering. If not, they can pollinate the female plants of Cannabis.

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Close view of hemp seeds, macro photo

What is a feminized Cannabis seed?

Also known as feminized Cannabis seeds, the seeds of feminized Cannabis present a real advantage for the growers who do not want to worry about having to remove the male plants. Indeed to cultivate feminized seeds will produce only female plants which produce the resinous heads sought after by the amateurs of Cannabis.

But, what is a feminized Cannabis seed? For the beginners who do not know the bases such as it is of the cannabis indica or sativa, the plants of Cannabis can have two sexes: males or females. At the time of the plantation regular seeds of Cannabis, it is impossible to know the sex before the bloom. The growers thus have for habit to plant more seeds to ensure a minimum of female Cannabis plants. In general 50% of a growing session with regular seeds will produce female plants. The male plants, as for them, are removed to avoid pollination.

Thanks to the feminized seeds of Cannabis, it is easier to choose the number of plants to make them grow, flower and proceed to the harvest.
The feminized Cannabis seed thus facilitates the approach of the growers.

What are the steps to create a feminized Cannabis seed?

The seeds of Cannabis has the genetic code so that the plant creates reproductive organs to guarantee the mechanism of survival. This approach has enabled Cannabis plants to cope with changing climates and adapt to a wide variety of environments.
A feminized Cannabis seed is obtained by forcing a female plant to produce pollen and then pollinating the flowers of another female plant with the pollen obtained. With this process, your plantation of Cannabis will be composed only of female plants (to 99%). Planting feminized seeds allows you to save time and money.

Scientifically speaking, feminized Cannabis seeds cannot be called female seeds. In spite of the fact that these two plants of Cannabis remain very identical in terms of taste, production, THC, aromas or balance THC CBD, a seed bank expert in the matter must make this distinction because the genetic characteristics are not exactly the same.

Cannabis seeds on white background, germination and cultivation of plants
Farmer hands holds baby cannabis plant. Concept farm marijuana plantation.

The advantages of feminized Cannabis seeds

The choice of feminized seeds has several advantages:

  • To have a harvest with 100% feminized seedlings
  • Ensuring cost and efficiency
  • Simplified harvesting
  • Access to good quality plants
  • Save time and resources

There is a wide choice within feminized seeds: sativa indica, white widow, sensi seeds, northern lights, dutch passion, barney farm, humboldt seed organization, type sativa indica, skunk sensi seeds, feminized sweet seeds or feminized sweet seeds.

Our online store ZmoothieZ offers you a large choice of feminized Cannabis seeds. According to your Cannabis culture, your preferences and your use, choose adapted seeds. If you need, do not hesitate to contact our team. Our experts are at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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