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Zmoothiez Thailand offers you a wide range of seeds available for the first time in flower and legally.

These seeds are grown in living soil.

The meeting between G-mob, a cross of GMO x Banana OG x San Fernando Valley
OG x Black Dog Kush, and our delicious inverted Orange Nectar
Aroma: The scent of Candy Lime is intense, with dominant notes of citrus
and Diesel OG, You’ll also be seduced by its dominant terpenes with citrus
and orange flavors.
Effects: Powerful and relaxing. After a very pleasant high, you’ll feel a soporific
effect and muscle relaxation that will soothe you after a hard day.
Indica/Sativa ratio: 80/20 – THC content: 24-26%.

The ultimate hybrid, born from the fusion between finest elite Fatso clone,
grading over 33% THC, and the deliciously aromatic Orange Nectar.
Aromatic: Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of aromas, from spicy citrus to gas,
for an incomparable olfactory experience.
Effects: Get ready for a soothing, relaxing journey with Supa Choopz, making
this strain an absolutely must-have cannabis experience.
Indica/Sativa ratio: 70/30- THC content: 28%.

Spectacular cross between Tropical Nectar, celebrated for its delicately
sweet aroma, and our unrivaled Orange Nectar.
Aromatic: Succumb to the exquisite blend of fruity and sweet flavors, with
refined notes of citrus and diesel. An unforgettable tasting experience awaits you!
Effects: Escape guaranteed with powerful, energizing and captivating effects
that overwhelm you with total well-being. It’s the perfect antidote for optimal
relaxation and a positive high.
Indica/Sativa ratio: 80/20 – THC content: 22-24%.

Specially designed for terpene enthusiasts. An explosion of freshly cut orange
awaits you, followed by an exhilarating, joyful and ultimately relaxing high
Aromatic: Imagine biting into a juicy orange with every inhale. Terpenes play as
essential a role as THC, transforming each puff into a unique sensory experience.
Effects: Miss orange nectar offers a versatile high, starting with an
exhilarating surge that evolves into deep relaxation.
Perfect for creatives and contemplatives alike.
Indica/Sativa ratio: 30/70- THC content: 18-20%.

Result of a union between Banana OG, famous for its abundant resin,
and our Orange Nectar.
Aromas: Enjoy the aroma of a fresh, juicy banana, enriched with a touch
of orange, and accentuated by a powerful presence of THC.
A pleasure for the senses that transcends the norm.
Effects: Banana Jelly’Z wraps you in a blanket of well-being, with ultra-powerful,
euphoric effects. Fans of indica strains will be delighted, with its extraordinary
sedative power.
Indica/Sativa ratio: 80/20 – THC content: 24-26%.

Indica-dominant strain designed by Zmoothiez
Aromatic: Immerse yourself in an incomparable aromatic experience:
citrus scents mingle with gourmand notes of creamy cake, creating
an unforgettable olfactory bouquet.
Effects: soothes the mind while stimulating the appetite, offering the perfect
balance between relaxation and physical well-being.
70% Indica, 30% Sativa – THC content: 22%.

Indica-dominant botanical marvel from the inventiveness of Zmoothiez
Aromatic: Dive into an ocean of intense flavors, combining notes of orange with
nuances of exotic fruit and a tangy touch of apple. A veritable explosion of delight
in every puff.
Effects: It offers a psychedelic sativa high, amplifying the well-being provided
by its body-stoned indica effect. A variety that leaves a lasting impression.
Indica/Sativa ratio: 70/30 – THC content: 26%.

Indica-dominant sensation that bewitches and fascinates. Designed by
the craftsmen of Zmoothiez, this variety is your sesame to deep relaxation.
Aromatic: Let yourself be transported by a luxurious terpene profile, where spicy
nuances mingle with suave notes of orange and gas.
Effects: The high THC content ensures a high that awakens the senses
while providing deep, long-lasting relaxation.
Sativa/Indica Ratio: 30/70 – THC content: 26%.

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