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At ZmoothieZ, cannabis seeds produce plants with resinous buds.

Of all the cannabis-based products you’ll come across, hash is one of the most iconic. And with good reason: consumers are particularly enthusiastic about hash, which guarantees a smooth, euphoric trip.

From seeds to hash

Hash is a cannabis concentrate obtained by extracting the resin from the plant’s flowers. It’s the trichomes, the tiny crystals found on the buds, which contain the resin, cannabinoids and terpenes. In other words, marijuana varieties with an abundance of trichomes and sticky, resinous buds will be the best raw materials, as they will produce a greater quantity of hash of much higher quality.

Hash production is simple, but it’s important to choose strains that offer massive trichome production. Another key to extracting quality hash is the resinousness of your plants in general. Remember, the more resinous your plant, the more wax you’ll get. Indicas and hybrid strains are known to be the best choice, but the flowers of some sativas are also worth turning into hash.

The 6 ZmoothieZ strains for quality hash

At ZmoothieZ, cannabis seeds produce plants that are particularly abundant in resinous buds. All our strains are perfectly suited to hash production, as yields are much higher than average. Typically, growers will need 100g of flowers to produce 10g of hash. On the other hand, the yields of our specimens are much higher, and they will produce an average of 20 gr of hash for the same quantity of flowers.

Orange Nectar

This sativa-dominant strain provides incomparable energizing power. This specimen ticks all the boxes of an excellent variety for making concentrates such as hash. It guarantees high yields and an abundance of sticky trichomes. Enjoy its powerful, lucid effects, coupled with an incredibly pronounced fruity flavour and rich citrus notes. Orange Nectar will produce an exceptional hash with a refreshing and, above all, highly motivating touch.

Discover Cannabis Orange Nectar seeds

ZmoothieZ Zignature

Our offspring is one of our favorite relaxing strains, especially considering the incredibly soothing and calming effect it provides. It produces beautiful trichomes which, when concentrated, produce a powerful, fragrant resin, blending lemony flavors with a woody aroma and a touch of spice to spice things up.

Discover ZmoothieZ Zignature Cannabis seeds


Peanutz trichome production is incredibly abundant. This strain is another excellent variety for producing resinous, sticky hash. Peanutz really maximizes its potential as a concentrate. This indica-dominant hybrid will hit you right in the taste buds with a creamy praline flavour, coupled with a slightly spicy touch. In terms of sensations, you’ll start your trip with an exhilarating euphoria, ending with a floating sensation that soothes all your muscular tensions.

Discover Cannabis Peanutz seeds

Tropical Nectar

This fruity cannabis strain will attract consumers’ attention for its unusually exotic, sweet flavours. Its abundant production of resinous flowers and outstanding terpene profile add to its particular interest in hash production. Once processed, Tropical Nectar will bring you the relaxing effects of an indica strain with a punch of long-lasting tranquilizing physical effects.

Discover Cannabis Tropical Nectar seeds


This is one of ZmoothieZ’s most powerful strains. This cannabis strain produces beautiful, swollen trichomes resembling those of indicas, yet it produces the effect of a powerful sativa hybrid. It’s an incredible strain with a sweet, creamy flavour combined with a slight spiciness. With its sweetness and spectacular effects, Munchies has what it takes to seduce cannabis connoisseurs with its exhilarating, energizing effects.

Discover Cannabis Munchies seeds

Strawberry Nectar

Its high production of Strawberry Nectar trichomes, as well as its unique red fruit flavour, make it a favourite strain for growers and concentrate enthusiasts. Thanks to its abundance of large, sticky buds, it’s a perfect candidate for your hash production. Once the resin has been extracted from the flowers, Strawberry Nectar offers an exhilarating experience, combining a powerful cerebral high with a relaxing body effect.

Discover Cannabis Strawberry Nectar seeds

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