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How to benefit from the 3 for 2 offer

Add to cart 3 packs of your choice

You’ll then see the promotion applied automatically. In this example, for 3 packs purchased, the price is 90€ instead of 135€.

This offer is repeated over and over

This offer works in groups of 3, meaning that if you take 3 packs, you’ll only pay 2, if you take 6, you’ll only pay 4 etc….

In this example, 6 packs are put in the basket and the price is 180€ instead of 270€.

Access for adults only

This website provides information on cannabis and its seeds.
Its content is intended exclusively for adults.

Seeds are strictly reserved for souvenirs and novelties.
Germination of hemp seeds is strictly limited to countries, states or provinces where it is legal to do so.
Zmoothiez Genetics accepts no responsibility for any use that does not comply with local and national laws.