Miss orange nectar


(Pack of 4 seeds)
We select a very special pheno that we called absolute Orange. The terps are unreal, 100% fresh cut orange!!! The high is really stimulating, joyful, funny, inspiring and then relaxing!!! When we inverted it, even the feminized pollen smelled almost as strong as the buds!!!!
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Miss orange nectar 🍊🌿 – Genuine Orange Juice for the Soul

Introduction – A Delight for the Senses

Discover Miss orange nectar, a variety specially designed for terpene enthusiasts. An explosion of freshly cut orange awaits you, followed by an exhilarating, joyful and ultimately relaxing high.

THe Unique elixir – Sophisticated Heritage 🌱

Origins: Elite Orange Cream Sicle x Black Hindu Kush

A cross between the elite Orange Cream Sicle and our carefully selected Black Hindu Kush male, this sativa-dominant strain offers a high-flying experience with unrivalled flavours.

Le Parfum Envoûtant – A Magical Terpene Profile 🍊

Terpenes: 100% Fresh-Cut Orange

Imagine biting into a juicy orange with every inhale. Terpenes play as essential a role as THC, transforming each puff into a unique sensory experience.

High Level Specifications – Nature’s Best 🌿

  • Indica/Sativa ratio: 30/70
  • THC content: 18-20
  • Flowering time: 60-65 days

An Entertaining Power – Effects that Dance in the Mind 💫

Effects: Stimulating, Joyful, Inspiring and Relaxing

Miss orange nectar offers a versatile high, starting with an exhilarating surge that evolves into deep relaxation. Perfect for creatives and contemplatives alike.

A Versatile Choice – Rosine craftsmanship 🍯

Whether you’re a terpene lover or a rosin producer, this variety won’t disappoint. It has proven its exceptional quality in the production of high-caliber rosin.

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