Frozen cherry


(Pack of 4 seeds)


When Cherry Valley Dog meets Orange nectar, the combination of flavors is extraordinary.

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Frozen Cherry 🍒❄️ – A Symphony of Flavors and Sensations

Introduction – The Summit of Delight

Immerse yourself in the incredible world of Frozen Cherry, an indica-dominant cannabis strain carefully developed by Zmoothiez. This creation is an invitation to an extraordinary sensory voyage, combining exotic candy and red fruit aromas with an unforgettable diesel ice cream.

Botanical Innovation – A Crossroads of Genius 🌱

Lineage: Cherry Valley Dog x Orange NectarLineage: Cherry Valley Dog x Orange Nectar

This botanical gem is the result of a meticulous cross between Cherry Valley Dog, renowned for its potency, and the tasty Orange Nectar. Each component has been carefully selected to enrich this variety with terpenes, resin and potency.

Un Profil Aromatique – Le Paradis des Sens 🍓🍊

Flavours: Exotic Fruits, Red Fruits, Iced Diesel CreamFlavours: Exotic Fruits, Red Fruits, Iced Diesel Cream

Imagine an explosive cocktail of flavors, blending sweet and tangy notes with a delicious hint of glazed diesel cream. An organoleptic experience that makes your taste buds dance.

Technical Specifications – Cultural Mastery 🌿

  • Indica/Sativa ratio: 80/20
  • THC content: 22-24%.
  • Flowering time: 50-60 days

Unique Effects – A Refined Spell 🌬️

Effects: Bewitching, Intoxicating, PowerfulEffects: Bewitching, Intoxicating, Powerful

Frozen Cherry seduces with its intense effects, enveloping you in a sensation of ecstasy and power. Perfect for those seeking an unparalleled cannabis experience.

Bonus for Growers – A Fascinating Structure 🌳

Structure: Average size, Development of secondary branches, Abundance of trichomesStructure: Average size, Development of secondary branches, Abundance of trichomes

Frozen Cherry is also a grower’s dream. Its well-developed structure and abundant trichome coverage make it an ideal variety for growers seeking high-quality yields.


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