Candy lime


(Pack of 4 seeds)   When G-mob meets Orange Nectar, the result is superb, ultra-productive cannabis plants with colorful flowers and incredible fragrances.

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Candy Lime 🍭🍋 – An Explosion of Flavours and Colours in Your Garden 🌱

Discover Candy Lime, the Cannabis Variety that Revolutionizes the Senses 🌈

Candy Lime is the fruit of an exceptional collaboration between G-mob and Orange Nectar. This cannabis strain offers an unparalleled sensory experience, combining complex aromas and dazzling colors. Immerse yourself in the world of Candy Lime and discover why this strain is the new star of gardens.

High Quality Genetics: The Perfect Union between G-mob and Orange Nectar 🧬

  • Lineage: G-mob x Orange Nectar
  • Indica/Sativa ratio: 80/20
  • THC content: 24-26%.

Candy Lime is the result of a meeting between G-mob, a cross of GMO x Banana OG x San Fernando Valley OG x Black Dog Kush, and our delicious inverted Orange Nectar. This polyhybrid variety has large Indica leaves and an OG structure.

Flowering and Yield: Exceptional quality with high yield 🌼

  • Flowering time: 55-65 days
  • Yield: Not communicated (N.C.)

Candy Lime plants are large and show strong development when stretched. The flowers are very compact and resinous, promising exceptional yields.

Aromatic Profile: A Unique Sensory Journey 🍊🍋

  • Main notes: Citrus, Diesel OG
  • Nuances: Sweet and spicy

The scent of Candy Lime is intense, with dominant notes of citrus and Diesel OG, complemented by a multitude of sweet and spicy nuances. You’ll also be seduced by its dominant terpenes with citrus and orange flavors.

Effects: Unwind and relax 😌💤

The effect of Candy Lime is powerful and relaxing. After a very pleasant high, you’ll feel a soporific effect and muscle relaxation that will soothe you after a hard day.

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