Presentation of Sanlight, a ZmoothieZ partner and one of the world’s leading growers of Led lighting fixtures.

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Based in western Austria, our company embodies innovation. In the heart of Vorarlberg, we design and manufacture sophisticated and efficient LED luminaires. Our products are intended to meet the needs of commercial horticulture, as well as enhance domestic and hobbyist environments.

Drawing on years of accumulated horticultural expertise and a deep understanding of photonics and semiconductors, we integrate these insights into the development of our lighting solutions.


“We conduct comprehensive studies in our own laboratories, where we cultivate a wide variety of plants under our specialized luminaires. The findings from our research are quickly integrated into the development of our products. Additionally, our cultivation labs enable customers to simulate and test their own projects before implementation. To further enhance our expertise, we also collaborate with universities and other research institutes.”

Measurement Technique

At SANlight, we embody quality, reliability, and efficiency at their highest level. Our claims are supported by our fully equipped lighting and electronics laboratory, where we can accurately determine the PPF values of our products and prototypes, as well as other radiometric and photometric parameters, using our calibrated integrating sphere. Furthermore, we have the necessary tools for research and development in the fields of lighting and electrical engineering.


In order to guarantee optimal quality, all our products are manufactured in our facilities. Thanks to short assembly processes and optimized design of our luminaires, production in Austria is carried out without additional costs. As a customer, you benefit from the dedication and typically Austrian expertise of our skilled employees. Furthermore, we place great importance on selecting regional and high-quality suppliers. This helps increase the sustainability of our products while reducing unnecessary transportation, thus preserving the environment.

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