Dabadoo Hash Cup 2021 Amsterdam

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Zmoothiez is proud to have been voted 2nd best hash 2021 by the public!

Last December, we took part in our first international cannabis cup in Amsterdam.

Mila the Hashqueen and the ZmoothieZ team at Dabadoo Amsterdam.

We presented our best ice water hash made with fresh frozen buds.

The plants were grown outdoors in living soil watered with spring water. We used fermented plant extracts and many natural inputs to grow and protect them.

Our aim is always to obtain the best terpene cocktail.

We also treat the hash with spring water, which really makes a difference.

We were delighted to win 2nd place for our hash entitled When 2 Strawberries Meet at the Dabadoo Amsterdam 2021 Cup which rewards the best hashes in the world, organized by Mila the Hashqueen. We’ve known Mila since 2002, she taught us her method for making hash and it changed our lives and our goals.

We used a blend of ZmoothieZ strains with pronounced strawberry aromas.

It was a dream for us as we only grow for personal and medicinal use, compeating with the famous Coffeeshops or Spanish and Canadian social clubs.

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