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Introduction to regular cannabis seeds

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Regular cannabis seeds are those with the ability to produce male or female plants without human intervention. They are different from feminized and autoflowering seeds, which are genetically modified to guarantee female-only plant production or to flower automatically after a certain time, respectively. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of regular cannabis seeds in depth. For more information on the different types of cannabis seeds, visit our complete guide.

Characteristics of regular cannabis seeds

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Regular cannabis seeds have several specific characteristics that distinguish them from other types of seeds:

  • Production of male and female plants: Unlike feminized seeds, regular seeds give rise to male (pollen-producing) and female (flower-producing) plants. This enables natural reproduction and the creation of new varieties.
  • Increased resistance: Plants from regular seeds generally have superior resistance to disease, pests and environmental fluctuations compared with plants from feminized or autoflowering seeds.
  • Genetic variability: Regular cannabis seeds offer greater genetic diversity, which can be beneficial for growers looking for unique strains or specific characteristics.

Benefits of regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds offer several advantages for growers and consumers:

  • Price: Regular cannabis seeds are generally cheaper than feminized or autoflowering seeds. This saves growers money when purchasing seeds.
  • Trait preservation: The natural reproduction of male and female plants makes it possible to preserve and improve the desired traits of a particular strain. It also enables the creation of new varieties with unique characteristics.
  • Adaptability: Thanks to their genetic diversity, plants from regular seeds tend to be more adaptable to different growing conditions and environments.
  • Genetic bank: Regular cannabis seeds are a valuable genetic bank for breeders and researchers studying the plant and its medicinal properties.

How to choose quality regular cannabis seeds

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To get the best results when growing cannabis from regular seeds, it’s essential to choose quality seeds. Here are a few tips to help you in your choice:

  • Search for reputable suppliers: Buy your seeds from reliable, reputable suppliers with long experience in the cannabis industry.
  • Examine seed appearance: Good quality cannabis seeds should be a dark brown color with marbling patterns. They should also feel firm to the touch and not warp when lightly pressed between the fingers.
  • Consider growth characteristics: Make sure the seeds you choose match the desired growth characteristics for your growing environment (e.g. plant size, flowering time, yield).
  • Find out about the parents: Find out about the parent plants of the seeds you choose, as this can have an impact on the genetic variability and traits of the plants derived from these seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds offer many benefits to growers and consumers alike, including greater genetic diversity, better resistance to cultivation problems and preservation of desired traits. By choosing quality seeds from reputable suppliers and taking into account growth characteristics and parent plants, you can optimize your chances of success when growing cannabis from regular seeds.

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