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08 15 2020

Emerald Cup, Santa rosa 2017

By Zmoothiez
The mission of these cannabis experts is to study, smell, taste and score according to appearance, crystallization, scent, aroma and […]
07 30 2020

Humboldt County Breeders and Farmers

By Zmoothiez
His work on the Cherry Lime Dog is a great example of sharing. A few years ago, Jackson aka Meangene, […]
07 15 2020

Meeting with California’s biggest hash producer

By Zmoothiez
Cannabis TailTravel
Constantly striving to improve the quality of its products, it works in direct partnership with local regenerative farms that cultivate […]
07 03 2020

The Emerald Cup, 2019 edition

By Zmoothiez
Upon entering the pavilion where all the most incredible flowers and resins were on display, we were impressed by the […]
06 12 2020

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