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Holynanacrack x Orange Nectar

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Holynanacrack x Orange Nectar

When Holy Nana Crack meets Orange Nectar the result of this marriage offers ultra resinous cannabis plants with a soft and delicate aroma.

  • Croisement
  • Sex : Feminized Seeds
  • Indica : 80%
  • Sativa : 20%
  • Thc : 22-24%
  • Pack size : 3 seeds + 1 free / 6 seeds + 2 free
  • Flowering time : 55-65 days
  • Effects : Body relaxation / Clear High / Powerful
  • Yield Indoor : 300/400g
  • Terpenes : Earthy / Spice / Sugar
  • In stock

When Holynanacrack meets Orange Nectar …

The result of this marriage offers ultra resinous cannabis plants with a soft and delicate aroma.

We selected Holynanacrack created by the breeder Biovortex of Humboldt for its surprising production of resin, one of our best plant to Hash and we crossed it with our delicious Orange Nectar reversed. The plants are of average size furnished with magnificent flowers deliciously sweetened with tones of orange entirely covered with trichomes. Very quickly compact buds are formed, sprinkled with a remarkable resin.

The flowers are of rather light green colors with orange pistils.
Its aroma is very pleasant with rather spicy notes, with a powerful taste of THC softened by the delicious flavor of orange and citrus fruits.
The effect is very powerful with a body relaxation and a clear and pleasant high.

Buy a pack of 6 cannabis seeds, get 2 free Forbidden Nectar seeds.


1 story about Juicy Drop’Z

  1. Olivia

    Your genetics are at the top I put the American ones at the bottom of the fridge!!

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