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Candy Lime

G-mob x Orange Nectar

6 Seeds
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G-mob x Orange Nectar

When G-mob meets Orange Nectar the result of this marriage gave superb ultra productive cannabis plants, with colored flowers and incredible perfumes.

  • Sex : Feminized Seeds
  • Indica : 80%
  • Sativa : 20%
  • Thc : 24/26%
  • Pack size : 3 seeds + 1 free / 6 seeds + 2 free
  • Flowering time : 55-65 days
  • Effects : Deep High / Powerful / Relaxing
  • Terpenes : Citrus / Lime / Spice
  • In stock

When G-mob meets Orange Nectar…

The result of this marriage gave superb ultra productive plants, with colored flowers and incredible perfumes.

We crossed the G-mob a crossing of the Gmo x Banana OG x San Fernando Valley OG x Black Dog Kush created by Biovortex of Humboldt meeting all our criteria, production, resin, terpenes, with our delicious Orange Nectar reversed.
The plants are of big size with a strong development in the passage in stretch.
This poly hybrid has big leaves rather Indica with a structure of type OG.
The flowers are very compact and resinous with an intense smell of citrus fruits, diesel OG notes as well as a multitude of sweet and spicy nuances.
The colors are amazing, the flowers are tinted of mixture of purple and green anise with pistils well orange or other phenotypes turn rather towards the dark purple.

The effect is powerful and relaxing with a very pleasant high and then a soporific effect and a muscular relaxation will soothe you after a hard day.

Buy a pack of 6 cannabis seeds, get 2 free Forbidden Nectar seeds.

Amazing Report from ZmootieZ Chile 📢📢📢


4 seeds. 2 clear lime and 2 orange influenced phenos
The limes show haze signs , one runs in under 56 days the other(video) could go even 75 but is my favourite and exactly what i hunted for.
candy 102…grown under led in 64days..very hard n compact…!An extreme dominant lime terp with aggressive lemony hints and sharp citrus lemon end. Its complex and really sweet.. not that lemon or amnesia type thing… way more nasty citrus lemony, razorsharp terps! Its a really strong lime at all.
More later
This is an orange pheno. The only who showing purple signs like the orange nectar… purple hints on the bud but more on the sugar leafes in mid sommer!
Very hazy orange type one…. Very resinious … Candy points here absolut…special and complete different what which you can find normally.. intersting here is the change from the terps in the jar while curing to an whole more orange thing
The second orange. An more pure orange skunk haze thing
It cures wonderfull to an clear orange terp like the orange nectar cup entry
But there are dominant hazy terpenes while smoking
This is an orange pheno. The only who showing purple signs like the orange nectar… purple hints on the bud but more on the sugar leafes in mid sommer!


1 story about Candy Lime

  1. smokedree

    Ima gived u guys a try, been comtemplating for a while, it looks superb 🔥

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