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Banana Jelly’Z

Banana OG x Orange Nectar

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Banana OG x Orange Nectar

When Banana OG meets Orange Nectar the result of this union gives magnificent cannabis plants garnished with beautiful flowers full of resin and a pleasant smell strong in THC.

  • Croisement
  • Sex : Feminized Seeds
  • Indica : 80%
  • Sativa : 20%
  • Thc : 24/26%
  • Pack size : 6 seeds + 2 free
  • Flowering time : 55-65 days
  • Yield Indoor : 400/500g
  • Effects : Deep High / Powerful / Relaxing
  • Terpenes : Earthy / Orange / Spice
  • In stock

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When Banana OG meets Orange Nectar

The result of this union gives magnificent cannabis plants garnished with beautiful flowers full of resin and a pleasant smell strong in THC. We used one of the best plants to Hash, the famous Banana OG, a crossing of Ghost OG and Sagarmartha’s 60/40 of the breeder Orgnkid known worldwide for its incredible resin and we crossed it with our delicious Orange Nectar reversed.
The plants are of medium size to big with a good vigor to the passage in bloom.

This hybrid essentially received the genes of the Banana OG with an elongated structure type OG, ultra resinous flowers, compact and large calyxes. The strong taste in Banana dominates on this crossing with a depth in mouth finishing on orange notes and a typical taste of the varieties strong in THC. The colors of flowers draw rather towards the worm with light nuances of purple. The effect is ultra powerful, very indica, euphoriant with a big sedative power.

Buy a pack of 6 cannabis seeds, get 2 free Forbidden Nectar seeds.


1 story about Banana Jelly’Z

  1. ZmoothiezChile

    Banana Jelly’z 🍌🍨🍊 ⛽️💨 (Banana Og @orgnkid x Orange Nectar @zmoothiezgeneticz ) Aroma of entry : ripe banana peel, aroma of exit ; gassy and very creamy and sour very OG, aftertaste to have drunk milk with banana with a dash of orange juice. Like everything from the bank the effect is always superior, in this case this one is for lovers of sedative and relaxing effects very good anxiolytic delivers tranquility must have a higher cbd level to not be able to feel with high Thc anxiety post high. our favorite of today 🤣. Thanks to @zmoothiezgeneticz and @led_dark_spyder for designing the best prototypes we’ve seen of independent regulation with line topping on their chip.💣they are ships. Finally watered with filtered water from start to finish in live soil (25lts).

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