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Which cannabis strains: Indica, sativa or hybrid?

Thrill seekers who want an energizing and euphoric weed will have to stay away from seed strains that stick to the couch. The high rate of CBD contained in indica will tend to relax, to calm down or even to make sleep what would be contrary to the sensation of “high” caused by the THC. It will thus be necessary to move towards a variety of sativa plant containing high levels of THC in order to experiment the good psycho-active effect of the marijuana. On the other hand, one must keep in mind that a high concentration of THC can have side effects. Brain excitement can lead to sleep disturbances in some people. It is therefore a marijuana that is best used during the day to take full advantage of its creative energy, or at night for nightlife enthusiasts. Some plants increase the heart rate and can therefore cause anxiety in inexperienced people. The hybrid cannabis varieties are the result of crossings between the two other main cannabis varieties: indica and sativa. It is a new genetics which appears with more or less features of the father or the mother, and more or less THC and CBD. One of the first hybrids the most known is Skunk, but it is only the first of a very long list of new varieties, whose reputation of some is not any more to make, as the famous OG Kush. Nowadays, most of the flowers of marijuana are hybrids and there are very few pure indica or sativa plants. The great advantages of this new species of cannabis reside in the fact that these strains are easier to cultivate that it is in inside or outside, but also in the new diversity of experiences because they offer to the consumer a more balanced combination of THC, CBD and terpenes. In other words, the hybrid varieties offer a journey through both worlds by producing an effect on both body and mind. Want to be glued to the couch? Try a cannabis strain with indica dominance and a high CBD level. Looking for cerebral creativity? Look for a plant with dominance sativa.

How to choose the most powerful cannabis seeds?

Everyone reacts differently to cannabis and there is no guarantee that a crop will produce a specific effect. But thanks to the huge variety of seeds with multiple combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes, the world of cannabis offers an infinite range of options. If you’re over 18 years old and want to start growing cannabis, you can start to move towards seed strains with THC and CBD, cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are likely to produce the desired effect. If you’re looking for the uplifting and stimulating sensations of marijuana, it makes sense to choose a seed with a higher THC content. If you are looking for a more relaxing experience, you may want to try heads containing terpenes with anti-stress properties. With time, experience and mistakes, it will be possible to learn to refine your needs and find the best varieties of marijuana for your personality and body.

ZmoothieZ Genetics launches its shop: After more than 25 years of lover, work, travel, research…we are proud and very happy to launch our ZmoothieZ website. We finally share the fruit of our years of experience and travels that have allowed us to collect and cultivate the best genetics encountered in the 4 corners of the world. In our shop, you can find our best selection of feminized or regular seeds that have been tested under various climatic conditions, both outdoor and indoor. All the seeds which we propose were carefully selected to guarantee you a product of high level, because a good genetic inheritance is at the base of a good harvest.

The best ZmoothieZ seeds for a powerful effect

806 seeds
  • Orange Nectar x Orange Nectar
  • Feminized Seeds
  • Indica 30%
  • Sativa 70%
  • Thc : 18-20%
  • Flowering time 60/65 days
  • In stock

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8010 seeds
  • Dosido x Black Hindu Kush
  • Regular Seeds
  • Indica 70%
  • Sativa 30%
  • Thc : 20-22%
  • Flowering time 55 days
  • Out of stock
15010 seeds
  • Sundae Driver x Black Hindu Kush
  • Regular Seeds
  • Indica 80%
  • Sativa 20%
  • Thc : 22-24%
  • Flowering time 55 days
  • Out of stock
27510 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Indica 30%
  • Sativa 70%
  • Thc : 18-20%
  • Flowering time 55 days
  • Out of stock

Orange nectar / Miss Orange Nectar

Orange nectar heads are an impossible choice to regret. This variety with Sativa dominance brings a very stimulating power and an effect of “High” overturning which will take you along in this euphoric state so much sought-after. Resulting from the royal crossing between Elite Orange Cream Sicle and Black Hindu Kush, the flowers of Orange nectar will have exactly the perfume which you wait. With rich citrus notes and an incredibly pronounced fruity flavor.


Peanutz seeds are a delicious blend of Dosido and Black Hindu Kush genetics. This variety, which adapts as much in inside as in outside, has levels of THC going up to 22 %. An ideal culture for those who want the best of the two worlds, with effects with double action. Your journey will begin with a wave of excitement leading to euphoria, followed by a gentle, relaxing physical sensation that will ease muscle tension. On the taste side, Peanutz is irresistible thanks to its delicate flavors of praline and nutz with a slightly spicy touch.


The Munchie seeds are the result of a cross between Sundae Driver and Black Hindu Kush. Even if this marijuana is indica-dominant, it will bring you a strong energizing “High” with powerful psychoactive effects. After a few puffs of these heads, stress and frustration are carried away and replaced by a wave of exhilarating energy. With a delicate blend of soft, sweet and creamy flavors combined with a slight spicy touch, it will delight consumers with a greedy tendency. With a royal THC content of up to 24%, it embodies power and delights all by itself.

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