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Cannabis Indica Seed

Are you looking for Cannabis Indica seeds? Our team has selected for you a handpicked collection of Cannabis Indica seeds. Indeed it is enough for you to choose the Indica seed of your choice to discover a complete explanation and the characteristics of the future plant of Cannabis Indica.

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15010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 20% / 30%
  • Indica 70% / 80%
  • Thc : 20-22%
  • Out of stock
15010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 20%
  • Indica 80%
  • Thc : 22-24%
  • In stock
15010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 20%
  • Indica 80%
  • Thc : 22-24%
  • Only 2 units
15010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 30%
  • Indica 70%
  • Thc : 20-22%
  • In stock
15010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 20%
  • Indica 80%
  • Thc : 20-22%
  • Only 3 units
25010 seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Sativa 70%
  • Indica 30%
  • Thc : 18-20%
  • Out of stock

Discover the Cannabis Indica: why bother with these seeds?

Coming from Asia, the Cannabis Indica is found in areas in altitude, in particular in the Himalayas and in the mountains of Karakoram.
The seeds of Cannabis Indica are present since the years 1960-1970. The discovery of these plants of Cannabis was made at the time of the many voyages of the hippies in this area. After their return in France, these people having profited from the effects of the Cannabis Indica shared the techniques to cultivate it in Europe.

Why be interested in Cannabis Indica seeds?

The seeds of Cannabis Indica have advantages not to neglect for the consumers:
– When compared to other Cannabis seeds, it is one of the Cannabis strains that contains a little more THC.
– Contrary to Cannabis, the Cannabis Indica has compact and discreet plants. They are not too invasive.
– The bloom is shorter. Count between 6 to 8 weeks.
– It is an excellent choice for an interior culture.
– The Cannabis Indica has a high content in CBD.

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Recognize the plants of Cannabis Indica

Certain elements make it possible to recognize the plants of Cannabis Indica quickly and easily. Thanks to their size, it is possible to differentiate them from the plants of Cannabis Sativa. They are smaller and the leaves are broader and less fine.
Moreover, the formation of resin is very important.

The effects of the Cannabis Indica on the consumers

To make your choice between Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis, identify what its effects on the body are. Indeed, the consumption of the varieties of Cannabis Indica presents certain advantages for the consumers:

  • Avoid stress
  • Fight against physical pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase appetite
  • Allow mental and muscular relaxation
  • Reduce nausea

According to your desires and your needs, these effects will allow you to make your choice between the Seeds of Cannabis Indica and the Seeds of Cannabis Sativa.

  • Work on existing acute pain
  • Relieve migraines

Access the best seeds of Cannabis Indica through our seeds bank

Even if in genetics researchers have not been able to prove the differences between these two subcategories, the body of the consumers does not react in the same way to the consumption of Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa.

The plants of Cannabis Indica do not differ from the plants of Cannabis Sativa compared to the cannabinoids.

Nevertheless, other criteria indicate that the Indica sub-category is purer than the others:

  • A good bloom
  • Stable crossing to avoid stress
  • A concentration of CBD with less THC
  • Intense aromas
  • Relaxing effects
  • His genetics are pure. The seeds of Cannabis Indica did not undergo any transformation.
  • They are more resistant to cold when compared to other subcategories.

Learn how to germinate cannabis seeds successfully
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An increase in your Cannabis production

As a grower, production is a criterion to be taken into account. In particular, one must think about space. Are you going to cultivate your seeds of Cannabis Indica inside or outside?

All the hybrid varieties with predominance Indica are essential in the plantations, because they have a fast bloom and an excellent final product. There is a real compromise between quality and speed.
Moreover, the genetics of the seeds of Cannabis Indica did not undergo any change. The reproduction is thus made healthy to guarantee the quality of your plantation of Cannabis.

Being conscious of the importance of the quality of the plants, our online store ZmoothieZ places at your disposal a broad selection of seeds of Cannabis Indica. Find seeds of quality, exclusive and adapted to your desires. If need be, our experts are at your disposal to advise you, help you and answer your questions.

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