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The top weed breeders are here!

From the opening, the public rushes to the many stands of the most famous breeders such as Meangenefrommendocino, CSI Humboldt, Equilibrium Seeds, Emerald Mountains Legacy, Capulator… in order to hope to buy and complete their collection of seeds in ultra limited series with prices going up to more than 300$ for regular seeds …
Cherry West, Pina F4, Gelato 33 x Cherry Limeade, Banana Mac, Royal Kush 10, pure Royale x Oil Spill …

For cannabis growers…

The growers are also taking over in a crazy but very good child effervescence the numerous nurseries like Phinest Cannabis, Purple City Genetics which offer the best elite clones of the most sought-after varieties, Fatso, Forbidden Fruit, Mac1, Ice Cream Cake, Frosted Lemonade …

…and for weed lovers

Cannabis lovers make their market and buy the most beautiful flowers of the strains of the moment like Ice Cream Cake, Lava Cake, Runtz, Magma Cookies, Lemon Lava, Sundae Driver … and resin extracts in all possible forms, Hash , Drysift, Rosin, BubbleHash, Live resin, Shatter, Wax, Sauce, Diamonds …

Cannabis organic, biodynamic

Very enriching conferences on the subject of knowledge sharing, breeding work to improve genetic resistance, the importance of preserving ecosystems and the biodiversity of crops…

The regenerative culture movement is a pillar of the spirit of the Emerald Cup, the only 100% organic contest in the world. Jesse from Biovortex and Sunshine from Sunboldtgrown brilliantly animate these conferences and enthusiastically share their knowledge and lover.

Further on, in a large patio, we discover the area of the regenerative farm which exposes among other things the companion plants that live in symbiosis with cannabis and allow them to capture more nitrogen, for example Azola. Permaculture practices demonstrating how to build a culture soil.

Mila the Queen of Hash is always up for a good joint of Iceolator from our collection. © Zmoothiez
A variety of cannabis with a very strange shape on the CSI Humboldt ABC or Australian Bastard Cannabis stand. © Zmoothiez
A variety of cannabis with a very strange shape on the CSI Humboldt ABC or Australian Bastard Cannabis stand. © Zmoothiez
A magnificent example of micro propagation also called “Tissue Culture”… © Zmoothiez

Hash, resin, iceolator

At the booth of Swami and Nikki from Swamiselect, the famous duo of growers from the Mendocino region and emeritus judges at the Emerald Cup since its inception in 2003, Frenchy Cannoli, the famous hashishin perfumes the crowd with his 2020 version Hookah and deliciously sweet hashish.

Right in front of this booth, Mila the Queen of Hash who is present at all the cannabis events around the world is displaying her latest book: How I became the Queen of Hash. She invites us to sit down and we roll our last joint of our best Cherry Valley Dog iceolator. An emblematic character for our community who taught us in 2002 how to make hash with water and ice. A revelation for us at that time.

Cannabis strains designed for an elite Hash at Zmoothiez

Emerald Cup 2019, the contest

Upon entering the pavilion where all the most incredible flowers and resins were on display, we were impressed by the number of entries over 500 in the contest. They are beautifully presented in huge, bright, immaculate white showcases.

The prize-giving ceremony is always very lively. © Zmoothiez
The prize-giving ceremony is always very lively. © Zmoothiez
The awards ceremony © Emerald Cup
Tommy Chong © Emerald Cup

The 2019 Winners


1. Ridgeline Runtz – Ridgeline Farms, Humboldt
2. POG (Passion Orange Guava) – Greenshock Farms, Mendocino
3. White Runtz – Humboldt Redwood Healing, Humboldt


1. Ice Cream Cake – Josh D., Santa Barbara
2. T.I.T.S. – Diamondback Genetics, Yolo
3. OG T.I.T.S. – Diamondback Genetics, Yol

Winners (sequel)


LA Kush Cake – Paula Jobe-Hudgens, Nevada
2. “Skunky” Cookies, Jon “Texas” Kelley
3. Blackjack – Debbie Perticara, Humboldt


1. THC Bomb 104u Water Hash –
Papa’s Select grown by Humboldt Kine Farms, Humboldt
2. Peanut Butter Breath 104u Water Hash –
Papa’s Select grown by Humboldt Kine Farms, Humboldt
3. Wedding Crasher 104u Water Hash –
Papa’s Select Grown, Humboldt


1. Fruit Stripe Rosin – Zenganic Inc. Kalya Extracts, Sours, Alameda
2. Banana Cream Rosin –
Zenganic Inc. Kalya Extracts & Monterey Kush Co., Alameda
3. Garlic Juice Rosin – Zenganic Inc. Kalya Extracts, Dancing Dog Ranch, Alameda


1. Zkittles – Terp Hogz/Humboldt Terp Council, Mendocino
2. Banjo – Humboldt Terp Council, Humboldt
3. ErrlHill-BlueBerryMuffins live resin from the Humboldt Seed Company –
ErrlHill x The Humboldt Seed Company, Humboldt


1. Rainbow Driver Suprize Suprize – Sabertooth Farms Humboldt
2. Strawberry Banana Batter ArcataX, Royal Budline Humboldt
3. Live Resin Project Red Congolese CWG Botanicals Alameda


Nice Guys Delivery featuring Albert Einstone’s


Mel Frank


POG (Passion Orange Guava) – Greenshock Farms, Mendocino

A crazy atmosphere!


As night falls, the concerts begin to put on a real festival atmosphere. The music groups are varied of any style follow one another: Hip Hop, Reggae, Scratch, Electro: Dj Craze, Jurassic 5, Flatbush Zombies, Steel Pulse …

2 crazy days, where the Zmoothiez team spent unforgettable moments and would like to thank Jesse from Biovortex, Sunshine from Sunboldtgrown, Farmer Tom from Trinidad, Gerassimos and Rachelle from Herbanology, Frenchy Cannoli, c jherMarkus from Ubanterpfarm707 and Mila, the hash queen for covering us with flowers and wonderful genetics.

Live performance at the Emerald Cup © Emerald Cup

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