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The Emerald Cup, what is it?

Founded in 2003 by Tim Blake, an early activist and grower, this event was the gathering of California’s organic pioneers to celebrate the harvest and elect the best grower. To date, the Emerald Cup, which attracts more than 30,000 visitors, has become the annual rendezvous of the world’s best breeders and growers.
With more than 1000 entries in competition, it is widely regarded as the world reference for cannabis cups. The Fourtwenteam has left for you to discover the Emerald Triangle, to search for the wonderful genetics and to meet the legends of this community. The rules of this competition are very strict and only for outdoor and organically grown cannabis.

High quality organic cannabis in competition

The products presented must not contain any trace of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, solvents and pathogenic contaminants. A guarantee of quality for all medical users and an example to follow for all cannabis cups worldwide. The emerald Cup takes special care to preserve terpenes, potency and appearance by storing the samples in appropriate packaging and in ideal climatic conditions thanks to the new version of the weed cellar: the Curidor. This special care allows for greater precision in tasting and scoring by professional judges.

A professional jury

The mission of these cannabis experts is to study, smell, taste and score according to appearance, crystallization, scent, aroma and quality of psychotropic effects
These judges can be compared to real oenologists. The competition is divided into 2 main families: THC and CBD with several categories among others: the best flowers, the best concentrates, the best sweets?
We had the chance to meet Swami and Nikki from the Swami Select farm, judges since the inception of the competition in 2003 and growers of organic, spiritual and medical cannabis grown with love under the sun, moon and stars. We asked them about the evolution of taste and quality since 2003.

The evolution of tastes in the cannabis market over the last 15 years.

In the early years, the trend was more towards Diesel flavours. Then, fruity flavours became more fashionable and then for a long time, Kush varieties dominated the competition.

Now we’re seeing a return to tart and fruity tastes. The market and science have evolved a lot and at the time, nobody was talking about CBD, let alone terpenes. This valuable knowledge has helped to improve the quality and properties of medical cannabis.
The site is huge and is divided into 2 parts: the first area, accessible to all, brings together the informative and educational side with 48 hours of conferences on therapeutic cannabis and a permaculture demonstration to raise public awareness of ecological cultivation techniques. The second is reserved for medical patients with the Prop 215 medical card which allows to consume cannabis legally since 1996.

Therapeutic cannabis, recreational cannabis, an avalanche of tastes

Recreational cannabis is now allowed in California since the beginning of the year.
The Cannacraft Village, the biggest tent brings together the biggest names in cannabis including: AficionadoSeeds, Frenchy Cannoli, Loompafarms, Bodhi Seeds, Exoticgenetix, Crockett Family, Cookies and Mr Nice who offer you to smell, taste and buy the best genetics of the year.
A multitude of aromas, perfumes you’ve always dreamed of tasting, countless cannabis extracts with the craziest textures and colours, the largest collection of seeds with exotic names and the most sought-after elite clones: Vanilla Berry Pie, White Caviar, Crème Rosé, Yeti Fuel, Key Lime Pie, Banana Punch, Purple Punch in an ultra limited series sold at a golden price. A concrete example of the price madness, a pack of Dead Horse by Therealogkushman that we bought for $200 went for $2250 at auction!

Concentrated, edibles, the ultimate in weed derivatives

Another tent, the Solventless Experience, dedicated to solvent-free extractions, illustrates the medical side of the event very well. The largest manufacturers of rosin presses (cannabis oil without solvent) are exhibiting their latest models for the most demanding amateurs and professionals. Live demonstrations will show them in action, with the rosin flowing freely and further on the trimmers or leaf strippers cutting kilos of herbs in record time.
To top it all off, a helicopter dropped packages full of weed and gifts, an impressive concert line up with the Roots as the headliner, an unforgettable experience!

Zmoothiez is at the Emerald Cup © Zmoothiez

The Emerald Cup, not to be missed!

We discovered the smokers’ paradise!

We met people from all walks of life with whom we had a great time, including Marc de Terpcity a grower from Los Angeles with incredible flowers, Quentin the French collaborator of Aficionado and MauiMagicEdible a Hawaiian grower for 20 years and creator of delicious psychoactive chocolates. We also met some Europeans like Mila the hash queen, Arjan de Greenhouse and the team of the Barcelona clubs The Backyardbcn and La Kalada.

The Fourtwenteam would like to thank in particular :
The Emerald Cup for their very professional organization and for this crazy atmosphere, Chris from the Biobizz USA team for our VIP passes and the beautiful flowers grown with the famous organic brand Biobizz, Leo from Aficionado Seeds, 16 times cup champion with notably the famous Chemdawg special reserve, for having received us so well and covered with seeds and the best flowers of his special and exclusive vintage, Frenchy Cannoli, the Haschischin master whose stand was stormed during the 48 hours of the event for a tasting of his latest collection and his incredible Hookah sessions, Swami and Nikki, pioneers of this community for their passion and the sharing of their knowledge, Loomparfarms, the famous yeti for his super good vibe and for offering us all his new collection. And let’s not forget our artist friend, Samitoon, the king of cannabic connections.
The results are available on the Emerald Cup website. Find us on Instagram @fourtwenteam.

Check the crowd at the Emerald Cup! © Emerald Cup

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