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The hash is a concentrate of cannabis which one obtains after the extraction of the resin of the flowers of the plant. It is the trichomes, these small crystals which one finds on these buds, which contain the resin but also the cannabinoids and the terpenes. In other words, the marijuana varieties abundant in trichomes, with resinous and sticky buds will be the best raw materials because they will produce a greater quantity of hash and especially of much better quality.

The production of hash is simple but it is important to choose varieties that offer a massive production of trichomes. Another key to extracting quality hash is the resinosity of your plants in general. Remember that the more resinous your plant is, the more wax you will get. Indica strains and hybrids are known to be the best choice, but the flowers of some sativas also deserve to be turned into hash.

The 6 ZmoothieZ strains for quality hash

At ZmoothieZ, cannabis seeds produce particularly abundant plants with resinous buds. All our strains are perfectly adapted for hash production as the yield will be much higher than average. Typically, growers will need 100 grams of flowers to produce 10 grams of hash. On the other hand, the yields of our specimens are much higher and they will produce an average of 20 gr of hash for the same quantity of flowers.

Orange Nectar

This variety with dominance sativa brings an incomparable energizing power. This specimen ticks all the boxes of an excellent variety for the manufacture of concentrates such as hash. It will guarantee big yields and an abundance of sticky trichomes. Enjoy its powerful and lucid effects, coupled with an incredibly pronounced fruity flavor and rich citrus notes. Orange Nectar will produce an exceptional hash with a refreshing and above all very motivating touch.

Discover Cannabis Orange Nectar seeds

ZmoothieZ Zignature

Our offspring is one of our favorite relaxing strains, especially considering the incredibly soothing and calming effect it provides. It produces beautiful trichomes that, when concentrated, produce a powerful scented resin, blending lemony flavors with a woody aroma and a hint of spice to spice it up.

Discover the seeds of Cannabis ZmoothieZ Zignature


Peanutz trichome production is incredibly abundant. This strain is another excellent variety for the production of resinous and sticky hash. Peanutz truly maximizes its potential as a concentrate. This hybrid with dominant indica will strike you directly in the taste buds with a flavor of creamy praline, doubled by a slightly spicy touch. Side sensations, you will begin your journey with an exhilarating euphoria to finish on a floating soothing all your muscular tensions.

Discover the seeds of Cannabis Peanutz

Tropical Nectar

This fruity strain of cannabis will catch the attention of consumers for its unusually exotic and sweet flavors. Its abundant production of resinous flowers and its outstanding terpene profile add a special interest for hash production. Once transformed, the tropical Nectar will bring you the relaxing effects of an indica strain with a punch of long-lasting tranquilizing physical effects.

Discover Cannabis Tropical Nectar seeds


It is one of the most powerful strains found at ZmoothieZ. This cannabis strain produces beautiful, swollen, indica-like trichomes, yet it produces the effect of a powerful sativa hybrid. This is an incredible strain with a sweet, creamy taste combined with a slight pungent touch. With her sweetness and spectacular effects, Munchies has everything to seduce cannabis connoisseurs with her exhilarating and energizing effects.

Discover the seeds of Cannabis Munchies

Strawberry Nectar

Its high production of Strawberry Nectar trichomes, as well as its unique red fruit flavor, make it a favorite strain for producers and concentrate lovers. Its abundance of large sticky buds makes it a perfect candidate for your hash production. Once the resin is extracted from the flowers, Strawberry Nectar will provide an exhilarating experience, combining a powerful cerebral high with a relaxing body effect.

Discover the seeds of Cannabis Strawberry Nectar


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