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Thanks to Frenchy Cannoli who quotes us after the best Californian Breeders in this interview on his Instagram on November 29, 2020. Here is the transcribed excerpt.

Madame Cannoli: What is the secret of California [cannabis strains] to have such an intense taste [when transformed into hash]?

Frenchy Cannoli: Genetics first of all and they are strong [Californians].
All the hashmakers in the United States are infernal. Everything concentrated, people are really hip and concentrated here.
But everything that’s produced in concentrate comes from the plant! It comes from the breeder! It comes from the genetics, it comes from the farmer, it comes from where it grew! The terroir. The terroir of Northern California is hell, they have hundreds of microclimates. An Indian summer that lasts and lasts, that’s also why they make such exceptional wines.
It’s the geography, it’s the terroir of California. And many of these terroirs were created by 25 years of illegal living in the mountains of Northern California.

Madame Cannoli: Give us some ideas of genetics that are good for making hash. Which breeders make genetics that you like to use?

Frenchy Cannoli: My favorite is Aficionado.
Then you are lucky in Europe because you have Aficionado French Connection which is the association of Afficionado Nord-Cal with a French breeder who does great stuff.
There’s the second one right behind, Freeborn Selections, Mean Gene From Mendocino.
Then there is 3rd Gen and Shiloh Massive.
It’s all really local, a little bit bigger in California, I would go to Bodhi Seeds, this guy does some hellish stuff.
Stuff you’re going to know, TGA: all their genetics have an infernal production of trichomes.
Next to that, a company that’s really good, that I like: MTG.
They have a variety called Orange Turbo, the stuff gives me between 18 and 20% yield [of hash] and when you let it age [the hash], it’s like an Orange Brandy but with gas. Sweet, skin, Brandi, Orange, funky, with Sour D, gas, all together [those aromas], it’s extreme.
Otherwise Sour Diesel. All the hashmakers here in California put it in the top five. Mine’s my second.
The OGs, we’ve got a lot of OGs here that are exceptional.
It comes from the same genetics. The original source of OG is two plants, but it’s being transformed.
Taho OG is super different from San Fernandino OG Valley which is in Southern California. Or the OG they grow in the mountains in California, you have a little bit of everything.
OG is really funky, funky gas. But there’s a lot of OG that are starting to have fruit tones inside or like milk ice cream, vanilla, hazelnut and so on. And the layers, the layers are really great too.
I don’t know what you have in France, so I’ll tell you what’s going on here [in California], I don’t know the genetics in France.

Madame Cannoli: If you use California [cannabis] genetics, planted here [in California], what results do Europeans get with the same genetics planted there?
If people bought weed genetics here in the United States and grew them in France, for example, would the result be the same?

Frenchy Cannoli: If you are French check Zmoothiez. I will post their link.

Madame Cannoli: Zmoothiez?

Frenchy Cannoli: A group of French breeder, now, who do amazing stuff, great hash, I met them when they came to my first workshop at Spannabis Barcelona. They were given Leo genetics that were bridled in the mountains of Mendocino.
They adapt to the Mediterranean climate! Zmoothiez Genetics here, they made us grow Aficionado stuff in the south of Europe, at the Mediterranean level. The Mediterranean climate is really very beneficial to the plants that have been bridled in Northern California!
It’s not really the same climate but they get used to it! It’s almost more beautiful at a certain level naturally what happens at the Mediterranean level of what I’ve seen here. So yes it can adapt.

If you want to grow, you have to calculate.
Are you going to grow feminized plants for example? We don’t have that here. Aficionado French Connection just created a line of feminized ones but we here in California don’t work with that at all, ever. So it’s going to be natural seeds [regular seeds].
You’re going to have to know if they were grown outside or inside if you want to grow inside or outside.
If you want to grow cannabis seeds indoors that have been clamped outside, it’s going to take a while for the mom you’re going to keep to create clones to get used to the inside. So that you can have clones that perform later indoors.
And vice versa, if you want to grow outdoors while you buy genetics that have been restricted indoors it will take a little while for the plant to adapt.

Madame Cannoli: So these Zmoothiez [seeds] can be bought in Europe, in Spain?

Frenchy Cannoli: You’ll have to check with them, I’m not really sure, I think they have their genetics in some distribution centers but I’m not sure.

Frenchy Cannoli is a world-renowned teacher, consultant, artisan and activist based in California dedicated to the production and recognition of traditional cannabis concentrates.
Frenchy grew up in Nice, France, but left home as soon as he could, inspired by the promise of an exotic adventure – and the imported hashish common in Europe in the late 1960s. He lived nomadically for over twenty years, staying with traditional producers and learning techniques passed down from generation to generation. This took him from Morocco to Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan and India, where he spent eight seasons growing in caves and harvesting cannabis resin with growers in the Parvati Valley. He eventually moved with his family to California, where early medical access laws allowed him to move from working illegally to producing legal cannabis concentrates.

Frenchy Cannoli Website


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