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Tips for short term storage of your Cannabis seeds

For a short term storage of your Cannabis seeds, you should keep them in a place away from light. You can for example, put them in a drawer or in a cupboard. The place should be dark and the temperature should be stable. Make sure that there are no natural temperature variations in the place where you store your Cannabis seeds.

Tips for long term storage of your Cannabis seeds

Long term storage of your Cannabis seeds is absolutely different from short term storage. It is recommended to keep them in the refrigerator in a sealed container. Avoid opening your refrigerator at any time as this may cause temperature changes. The best solution if you have a second fridge and you only use it rarely, it is best to keep your Cannabis seeds in it.

Should the seeds be kept in their original packaging?

This is an important element to take into account. It is absolutely recommended to keep your seeds in their original ZmoothieZ package. But it can happen that you open a packet of seeds and there may be some leftovers. In this case you should keep the extra seeds in an airtight container and follow one of the two points above.

At what temperature should I keep my seeds?

To keep your Cannabis seeds intact it is necessary to keep them at the right temperature. The right temperature to do this is between 6°C and 8°C.

What is the best way to store your seeds?

Humidity is also a real enemy for Cannabis seeds. This is why you must keep them at a good level of humidity which generally varies between 20% and 30%. If you store them for example, at less than 20%, then the seeds will sweat and fungus will grow inside and outside the seeds. In addition, this may attract insects. At a moisture level of more than 80%, the seeds will lose their color after a few hours.

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Is it necessary to keep the seeds in the freezer?

It is quite possible to store Cannabis seeds in the freezer. But this is not necessary at all, especially if you already have a fridge. If you follow our recommendations above, it is not really necessary to keep them in the freezer. By following our advice you can easily keep your cannabis seeds for at least 5 to 6 years with a relatively high germination rate.

How to protect your seeds from insects?

The insects represent a real danger for your seeds of Cannabis. The presence of a single insect in a container that houses your seeds can damage them all. To prevent this, we recommend that you put diatomaceous earth near the place where the seeds are stored. Diatomaceous earth is a powerful natural insecticide that is feared by insects.

The light, a danger for the seeds of Cannabis

Light is an enemy of Cannabis seeds. For this reason it is absolutely not recommended to light a light bulb to illuminate the seeds. Consequently, this will have a negative impact on the germination of the seeds. Indeed, they will deplete their nutrient reserves and will not be able to germinate properly. It is advisable to keep the seeds in opaque metal boxes to protect them from light.


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