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What is the cloning of the plants of Cannabis?

To clone plants of Cannabis or to make cuttings of the plants of Cannabis, it is absolutely the same thing. It is a question of taking cuttings on a plant of Cannabis in phase of vegetation. The cuttings become plants and are genetically identical to the plant from which they were taken. To clone plants of Cannabis makes it possible to preserve the same genetic characteristics such as the odor, the size, the taste, the output?

How to choose the mother plant to clone?

It is preferable to clone the plant you are interested in. For that, you must make sure that this variety abounds in many advantages. To find good mother plants, there are several characteristics that you must take into account: yield, aromas, manageable heights, power and resin production, resistance to mold and insects, flavors…

Young fresh cut cannabis clones in a legal indoor recreational grow farm
Learn how to germinate cannabis seeds successfully

Hardware needed to clone

To carry out cuttings of your plants of Cannabis, there is equipment which you need:

  • A mother plant selected with care
  • Cloning powder or gel
  • Starter cubes, rockwool or fleximix
  • Alcohol
  • Lighting
  • A scalpel
A small plant of cannabis seedlings at the stage of vegetation planted in the ground in the sun, a beautiful background, eceptions of cultivation in an indoor marijuana for medical purposes.

How to take a cut of Cannabis to make a clone?

To succeed in taking the cuttings of your Cannabis plants, there are steps to follow:
1. Select your mother plant in phase of vegetative growth. You must make sure that your mother plant has the best characteristics: powerful growth, fast flowering, a weed plant of quality.
2. Select the right tools: a sterile sharpened scalpel (or scissors) but also a bottle of rooting gel, a rooting substrate and a propagator or mini greenhouse, preferably heated.
3. Cut off the entire branch of your mother plant. We advise you to take the branches at the bottom of the plant which are normally cut to aerate the plant and thrown in the trash. Now you have a new use for them.
4. Prune the stems and leaves of your clone. It should not be too big to fit in your propagator, aim for 10cm / 12cm. Place your clone in root gel and wait a few seconds.
5. Place the cutting in its small rooting block or make a small hole with your finger in the wet substrate in the propagator. Plant your clone in the hole while gently covering the hole with soil and moisten it again.
6. We insist on the size of your clone, no longer see it as a branch but as a plant by itself. The leaves must be proportional to the size of the plant. So eliminate the largest leaves.
7. Check your Cannabis clone every 24 hours and wait one to three weeks for the roots to begin to take shape. You have made a clone of your mother plant of Cannabis!

Techniques to clone Cannabis plants

There are several methods to clone Cannabis plants:

How to successfully clone Cannabis in water?

It is quite possible to clone your Cannabis plants in water. This is done in several steps:

  • Put unchlorinated water in a container
  • Soak the cutting in rooting gel and put it in the container.
  • Replace the water in the container every 2 or 3 days.

How to clone Cannabis in rockwool?

To clone Cannabis in rock wool, there are different steps to follow:

  • Put slightly acidic water in a PH 5.5 container.
  • Leave for 2 or 3 hours, the cubes of rock wool, soaked in the container of water.
  • Use a pair of sterilized scissors to make small holes in the middle of your cubes.
  • Cut out
  • Moisten the rock wool cube
  • Soak the clone in rooting gel
  • Put the clone in the greenhouse or propagator

How to take care of Cannabis plants?

It is important to take good care of its plants of Cannabis so that they grow well. For that, there are small tricks to apply:

  •  To ensure a control of your clones every 24 hours.
  • Remove on week 19 clones that are too weak or mouldy from your greenhouse or propagator.
  • Put some perlite at the bottom of your tray to keep a good humidity.


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