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What are THC oil vapor cartridges?

It all started when a savvy cannabis user came up with the brilliant plan to modify an electronic cigarette to use marijuana instead of tobacco.
This new kind of electronic cigarette quickly took off, much to the delight of cannabis users. The traditional e-liquid simulating tobacco is simply replaced by oil containing THC. Then, the principle is the same, once the oil in the THC cartridge reaches a certain temperature, it vaporizes. You can then inhale as you wish without worrying about the harmful effects of the smoke in your lungs.

What are the advantages of THC cartridges?

A more powerful effect

Vaporizing with a THC cartridge is more powerful than smoking because the use of a vaporizer reduces the combustion temperature necessary to transform your oil into gas. A vaporizer works at much lower temperatures than your regular flame, and this temperature reduction preserves many of the active ingredients in marijuana, i.e. cannabinoids and terpenes, which make you high and feel good.

A good quality/price ratio

THC cartridges contain concentrates that last longer than traditional flowers. On the other hand, it is true that compared to other types of extracts, they can be a little expensive. But you also pay for convenience, portability and discretion. That’s worth a few euros extra, isn’t it?

Absolute discretion

With the classic methods of consuming cannabis by combustion, whether it is the joint, pipe or bong, you will always be concerned about smoke and smell. But with a vaporizer and a THC cartridge, you don’t have to worry about attracting the attention of those around you because the vapor does not produce any smell. Moreover, it looks like a normal e-cigarette so you can always tell your anti-ganja friends and neighbors that you are just trying to quit smoking.

What THC cartridges should I buy?

Choose your THC cartridges wisely and always take a close look at the quality. A cheap cartridge is not necessarily the best choice and more often than not it warns that the contents may also be of poor quality. As with food, it is necessary to read the label to know everything about the ingredients in your product.
Terpenes are responsible for the flavors of cannabis, but they also have the power to interact with cannabinoids to temper the psychoactive experience of THC. The level of THC/CBD cannabinoids will define your experience, i.e. if you want to get high you will have to choose a high THC level. But be careful, the cannabinoid content is a factor that can be misleading. If a distillate is 95% cannabinoids, it contains 5% non-cannabinoid content, which can be terpenes, wax, pigments, flavonoids, etc. If a distillate is 99% cannabinoids, it obviously has less of these non-cannabinoid compounds. While this may seem attractive to the consumer, a THC cartridge containing 99% cannabinoids may not be pleasant to consume because it lacks the terpenes that add flavor and aroma.

In conclusion, it is recommended that you try before you buy, as it is the ideal way to make your own opinion. Often, labels offer only a fraction of the information that can sometimes be incomprehensible to a novice. So don’t hesitate to rely on the expertise of a cannabis professional.

Close-up Vaping Cannabis THC Oil Extract in Cartridge Isolated on Dark Background with Marijuana


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