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Choosing the right time

If you are ready to make your first experience in the world of cannabis, then choose a moment where you can be totally free. Avoid scheduling activities and free yourself from all your obligations to have a relaxed mind so that you can enjoy this moment without stress. It is even advisable to take your first steps in the evening, as some varieties of weed can cause a feeling of heaviness or even make you want to sleep, which could put an end to your day.

Choosing People You Can Trust

The first few times can be extremely sensory for beginners, so it is advisable to choose a comfortable and safe environment. Surround yourself with people who are familiar and close to you, whom you can trust. This way, you will be able to share a good moment bathed in positive energies and these people will be able to reassure you if you lose your footing. Like all learning, it is reassuring to benefit from the experience of someone experienced to help you take your first steps safely.

Respect your limits

This is a recommendation that applies to almost everything you do in your life, and it is especially true in the case of cannabis use. Don’t hesitate to pose if you start to feel the effects. Knowing that the sensations will rise to a crescendo for a little while, it is wiser to wait and let the wave pass before taking it up again. This is the best technique to avoid feeling overwhelmed, to avoid losing control, and above all to gently understand the intensity of the different phases.

Stay hydrated

The consumption of cannabis by inhalation can causes sometimes an uncomfortable sensation of pasty mouth and dry throat. To remedy this, remember to hydrate yourself regularly with water or flavoured drinks such as tea or soda, but it is strongly advised not to drink alcohol. If you feel like having an aperitif at the same time, forget it. The alcohol/weed combo causes dizziness and inevitably leads to nausea or vomiting.

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Be prepared to be very hungry

After consuming cannabis you will probably have a feeling of hunger that will make you devour everything you can get your hands on, especially sweet foods. To calm down this craving for cannabis, be far-sighted and think about buying a few snacks in advance and avoid having an empty fridge!

Do not drive

Especially if you’re new to weed, you can’t predict in advance what effects the weed will have on your body and brain, and especially how long it will take to dissipate. So you shouldn’t even consider driving after using cannabis. At the risk of repeating yourself, it’s best to choose the right time for your experience and not plan on doing anything important to do…and driving is actually part of it.

Have fun!

One of the most beautiful qualities of weed is to make you more receptive to the outside world and exacerbate all your senses. Everything can become more beautiful and enjoyable, so take advantage of this moment to bring out your favorite movies, music albums or video games that will become even more entertaining. By altering this perception of the senses, including sensory and auditory reflexes, weed can provide you with dozens of ways to entertain yourself. Some cannabis can even stimulate your creativity and reveal your artistic genius.


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