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CBD and THC: Which is the most effective in promoting sleep?

CBD and THC are the most popular Cannabinoids. Nevertheless, their effects on sleep are different. Find out which of these two Cannabinoids make sleep easier.

The virtues of THC

Good sleep is essential for good health. Several studies have proven the effectiveness of THC on sleep. In people who suffer from sleep problems, THC helps reduce sleep latency. For deep sleepers, this Cannabinoid also allows to have a fast sleep.
In addition to promoting sleep, THC is a great help for people who suffer from regular dreams or nightmares. A nightly intake of this cannabinoid promotes deep slow wave sleep and considerably reduces your dreams and nightmares during the night.
On the other hand, the virtues of THC to fight against sleep disorders are not shared by everyone. For some, it would have negative effects on the quality of sleep. Because taking high doses can cause agitation or paranoia.

The virtues of CBD

It is true that there are not enough studies on the effectiveness of CBD against sleep disorders. However, it must be recognized that this Cannabinoid promotes rest and relaxation. It soothes the central nervous system and allows you to sleep better. CBD also reduces drowsiness during the day.

Man smoking marijuana to sleep and relax. Man lying and resting on a sofa smokes a big joint after reading a book and play electric bass.

Other effective Cannabinoids for better sleep

Although they are the best known, it is important to know that it is not only THC and CBD that have proven their effectiveness against sleep disorders. Other less well known Cannabinoids are also known. This is for example the case of CBN. Also known as Cannabinol, it promotes relaxation. This Cannabinoid also makes it possible to fight effectively against sleep disorders and with a very weak psycho-activity.
Studies have also been conducted on limonene. This Cannabinoides known for its effectiveness on the mood also helps to sleep better. It is also the case of caryophyllene, linalool, terpineol and myrcene which have soporific virtues.

Does cannabis on sleep have side effects?

While some people approve of the use of cannabis to combat sleep disorders, others, on the other hand, are against its use. Studies have shown that heavy cannabis use can have a negative effect on the quality of sleep over the long term. In addition, other studies have explained that long and regular use of cannabis can have a negative effect on sleep quality, leading to nocturnal awakening and difficulty falling asleep quickly.

Cannabis for sleep: For or against?

The use of cannabis for sleep is a subject of debate. It must be recognized that research on cannabis is just beginning. Palpable evidence of the effectiveness of cannabis on sleep has not yet been fully demonstrated. However, studies are continuing and it is clear that within a few years, people who suffer from sleep disorders will be able to find their happiness in cannabis containing a reduced amount of THC with a higher CBD. In conclusion, nothing beats a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle to easily find sleep every night.


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